Byte Me

Deplatforming the social Truth,
Our necks smothered by your jack boots byte me.

Algorithms echo the plan,
Pinging between our ears en route byte me.

Manufactured zeros and ones –
Methods dispatched to prostitute byte me

Daemons intercept a five code.
Towers stand still null and deaf-mute byte me.

Nano teeth chew the circuit fruit.
Each dot swallowed, Packman, you brute, byte me.

Trained by the hot alphabet soup
Tied us to the straitjacket suit bytes me.

Stealth soldiers post the rock hard Truth.
Train in word warfare the recruits, byte me!

God utters without wires and air.
My poetry, my dance compute bytes me.

Gods Fist

Cheshire grin.
The chess master moves his pawns
with a precise tilt of his wrist.
Each piece performing the moves
Spoken into frequency-laden air.
Bar the resistors,
Bar the knights.

Mock plays
strengthens the standing
slaying their fear of death.
Yet –
Crying out to You,
“Checkmate the beast!”
that cycles minds
on cue.

You laugh
as an angel rolls up Your sleeve,
tight as a cammie wearing Marine,
preparing to smash his chessboard
into ashy dust.

Red Redress

Lord, let my people go,
break the chains from us.

See how the magicians’ snake staff mocks You in man’s court.
Watch the synchronization chariots mock You on the streets.
Listen to the mob mimic snatches of words.
Look how the magicians repeat Your red carpet of water.

They hide in plain sight, others can’t see the parade.
They take pleasure in plausibility
They bow their heads to blue pages of papyrus.

Lord, lift up your staff one last time.
Open up the red carpet of redemption.
Send Your angels to the head of the line.
Script the chariot wheels to stick in the mud.

Lord, let my people go,
restore Your Son to us.