Blog Changes

After my Christmas season is over, I am going to make visual changes to my blog. Will be slow-going for a short while, so while I am trying new things and testing changes, it may look somewhat wonky at times.

The subject matter may change a little bit – still focusing on God and more of Oregon – but not much. It will still be me behind these words. And if I can ever get to the beauty salon (haven’t gone in months), I may get brave and put my picture in a more prominent place.

On another note, I wish everyone a Happy New Year. I don’t expect 2021 to be a return to normal, I expect it to be what I have referred to in my posts since last autumn. Explosive, but of God. Good, but not easy, and requiring extraordinary faith. He will be the only One to hang onto in the days ahead. And I can testify, He is faithful. Or I would not be here.