All Things Oregon

When I moved here in 2013, many others were moving to Oregon too. It was the number one state to move to and I was proud to be one of the statistics. I came from Missouri, and for the most part followed the Oregon Trail all the way here.

My father passed here, so I decided to “go west, young man (older woman in my case)” and start a new life. And I have.

I have grown to love Oregon much more than Missouri: mild weather, beautiful shorelines, quiet community for the most part, the arts, the wide open spaces further east. No more tornado alley, however, I lived near the New Madrid fault line so that did not change here.

Many writing ideas came walking the beach with my portable radio and headphones on. Most of them haikus.

Politically, Oregon is not as liberal as many think. It is the same in most other states, the metropolitan areas are largely liberal and the rural areas are largely conservative. But I see much potential here in the days ahead. Dreams can come true here.

On a sadder side note, I will discontinue showing my like button. Problems with another account not respecting my boundaries. I rarely get any comments, but despite this will keep my comments section open.

Have a blessed weekend!

2 thoughts on “All Things Oregon”

  1. Getting haiku inspiration from the beach sounds like a dream. Have never been to the US (not even sure if I can visit it in the future, due to geographical and financial constraints) but Oregon sounds like a wonderful place. Wishing you all the best!

    1. I read a travel magazine a few years ago where the writer said the Oregon coast was more beautiful than Costa Rica. I was shocked! Thanks for stopping by and the best to you too.

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